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Special Resolution

Voted on at 2017 AGM and passed.

The attached Special Resolution to amend the WESA League ByLaws was submitted by 2017-2018 League Commissioner Darcy Simpson, and seconded by 2017-2018 Membership Commissioner Scott Robertson, to the 2017 Commission on Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

This Special Resolution was subject to review and vote by the WESA Membership at the WESA 2017 Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at Numbers Cabaret, 1042 Davie Street. 

The proposed six (6) amendments to the WESA League ByLaws were as follows and are highlighted in this WESA League ByLaws PDF draft document.

  1. Edit 3b and 3d to reflect current practices of paying or refunding membership fees PRIOR to the draft only.
  2. Adding 4d to clarify what exactly is a 'voting right' mentioned in article 4. Removes ambiguities and reflects historical practice. 
  3. Edit 8c, replace Appendix C with 'League Appendices' to be less specific and more general. Policy is unaffected but gives leeway to renumber or reformat Appendices at will. The League Bylaws should not require edits every time the League Appendices are modified.
  4. Adding 9e to clarify what the League Appendices are for. This simply reflects current and historical practice.
  5. Edit 10c, add in the word 'present' to clarify that Commissioners not attending a meeting with quorum need not cast a vote. The Commission of the day if it achieves quorum shall have the authority to make policy. This simply clarifies historical practice and eliminates ambiguity.
  6. Add 16a and 16b to specify the obvious and reflect historical practice. If a member wishes to propose a contravening bylaw, then the proper course of action is to either repeal or modify the existing bylaw being questioned. This prevents the League Bylaws from being cluttered with redundant laws.