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Since 2008, WESA has been a proud member of International Pride Softball.  With over 17,000 members, IPS organizes the Gay Softball World Series (GSWS) each year and brings together 54 participating cities and over 5,000 participants and fans.

Host Cities:
2025 Houston, TX
2024 Las Vegas, NV
2023 Minneapolis, MN

WESA E Division team at the Minnesota State Fair 2023

Team Bonding
Playing in the Gay Softball World Series is a great opportunity to bond with your fellow WESA members and visit other parts of North America.  iPride Softball is fortunate to have member cities that also play host to other major attractions including State Fairs, world-class cuisine, and Major League Baseball teams.  Of course, players also make new friends from member leagues from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego, from Hamilton to Ohio. Many WESA members have built life-long friendships and memories at iPride Softball tournaments, including the Gay Softball World Series.

Want to play in the World Series? Part of being a WESA member is the opportunity to play in the World Series. To participate as a Coach or Player with a Vancouver team, please see the GSWS Policy section in the WESA Governing Manual.

Volunteers Needed - If you are going to Las Vegas for the Gay Softball World Series, they need volunteers. Please let Seán, the WESA League Commissioner know and he will refer you to the right person.

If you have any questions about the Gay Softball World Series, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Commission.

Video from the 2023 GSWS in the Twin Cities here


2023 GSWS Minneaspolis, MN
Gay Softball World Series (GSWS) 2023

Above: Vancouver Teams Group Photo of the Vancouver Pumpjack Orcas (E), Vancouver Ehs (D) and Vancouver Brew Jays (C) teams.

2019 GSWS Kansas City, MO

Above: Vancouver Teams Group Photo of Vancouver PumpJack Rage (C), Vancouver PumpJack Brew Jays (D), and Vancouver PumpJack Drillers (Masters) all Open Roster teams.

2017 GSWS Portland, OR

Above: Vancouver Teams Group Photo of the Vancouver Numbers (C), Vancouver PumpJack (C), Vancouver Attitude Promo (D), Vancouver Celebrities Nightclub (D), and Vancouver PumpJack Drillers (Masters), and Vancouver Highballers (Masters) teams.

2015 GSWS Columbus, OH

Above: Vancouver Teams Group photo of the Vancouver Celebrities Nightclub (C), Vancouver barrette Salon (D), and Vancouver Fountainhead Pub (D) teams.