NQ - NAGAAA Questions ratings process

WESA uses a Tiered system to group players into divisions.  Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 divisions provide for a simple approach for our members when choosing a playing experience.  

NAGAAA, the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (of which WESA is a proud member) uses a rating process which poses a number of questions about an individual player's performance and capabilities.  NAGAAA refers to this as one's NAGAAA Rating (NQ).

The underlying purpose of this sytem is to assess the skills and physical capabilities of players in order to guide players, leagues, and tournaments as method of best matching teams in competition with each other. This only applies to WESA members when playing in our Pacific Cup International Softball tournament, the GSWS (Gay Softball World Series), or when travelling to an out of town tourament that uses the NAGAAA Questions (NQ) ratings system.

WESA's focus is on player experience, and not NQ.  However, the league must use the NQ process to provide a number to NAGAAA for those members who may play in tournaments.

To view the NAGAAA Questions (NQ) Ratings Guidelines click here.



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