West End Slo-pitch Association
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Published as of April 22, 2005.

1. The name of the league is the West End Slo-pitch Association, hereinafter called the League.

2. The purpose of the League is to operate as a non-profit organization and in particular to further the following objectives: 

a. Provide and protect the opportunity for individuals who support the bonds of lesbian and gay fellowship to play amateur slo-pitch softball in an atmosphere of friendly competition, free of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, race, creed, gender and ability;
b. Foster, develop, promote and regulate the play of amateur slo-pitch softball and provide the proper safe-guards in accordance with the spirit of true sportsmanship; and
c. Undertake fundraising activities and other social events for the betterment of the lesbian and gay community.

3. No member, group of members, or team has the right to use or register the name “West End Slo-Pitch Association” or “WESA” without the written consent of the full commission.

4. In the event of dissolution or winding up of the League, all of its remaining assets, after payment of liabilities, shall be distributed to one or more recognized charitable organizations serving the lesbian and gay community in the City of Vancouver. This provision is unalterable.

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