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The WESA 2024 Commission is asking for interested Members to submit contributions to an update of the 2023 paper entitled A Vision for Sustainability and Sportsmanship.  This document outlined goals to be achieved and actions to be taken over the 2023 and 2024 seasons. 

The three main objectives of the paper were: 

1. A more balanced divisional structure for sustainable growth by renaming and re-branding our divisions and ending any stigmas associated with the previous names; 
2. Create a more level playing field within our divisions by encouraging members to join the division that most closely matches their skill sets, abilities, personality, and approach to the game. This will be facilitated by creating and hosting new skill development sessions for members and coaches; and 
3. Enhance the membership playing experience and everyone’s happiness in softball by sharing and supporting this new vision. 

Call for submissions: 
As the Commission heads into an update of this vision and assessment of the results so far, we hope to hear from the membership and your thoughts on the topic.  Contributions will then be considered by the Commission and an update may be created.  Please keep submissions to less than 150 words. 

Details and timeline for the update in 2024: 

  • April 15th to May 31st - Written submissions from the membership. 
  • June 1st to August 31st - Consideration of written submissions. 
  • September 30th - Release of any updates and action plan. 

WESA 2024 Update of the Vision for Sustainability and Sportsmanship
Click here to see a PDF of the report WESA 2023 Vision for Sustainability

Please send your submissions to Commission@WESA.net by May 31st.  We look forward to hearing from interested Members! 

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